Not your average agency. We keep overheads to a minimum and creativity and flexibility to a maximum. Our no-nonsense approach to projects is what sets us apart.

You’re unlikely to read this page. That’s what statistics say. But heh, you’re here! So already we’re outperforming most SEO and agency types!

See what we did there? We got “SEO” and “agency” into our copy. That’s probably how you found us. And that’s how we’re gonna make folk find you.

Wanna know how? Really? I mean, sure, we’ll tell you. We’re nice like that. But haven’t you got better things to do? It’s sort of complicated, and life is short.

Remember when you fell in love? You never questioned it, did you! It wasn’t there one minute, and then…boom…there it was. And didn’t life look a whole lot more lovely.

That’s a bit like us. The partner you’ve been looking for. You’re in our hands now. We’re gonna make you look good, sound great, get known, and be loved.

A part of us wishes it was that simple. But then anyone could do it. Truth is it’s a tough gig. But you don’t need to know that. You don’t need to know how we cherry pick the best creative agency folk and freelancers to work with. You don’t need to know how we can offer everything – branding, design, web development, app development, API integration, e-commerce, video, animation, copywriting, PPC

– while staying small enough to remember your birthday and what you’re drinking tonight. You don’t need to know about our clients – publishers, media, charities, kings of ecommerce, queens of retail, the big agency, the small start-up.

You don’t need to know…cos you don’t care. In the end, all that matters is what we do for you.

Over-the-top account managers, city centre offices, strategic gobbledygook – this is what you’re paying your big agency for. This is what’s cutting into your ROI.

We don’t employ account managers, because we want to look after you ourself.

We don’t make you pay for the privilege of visiting our impressive postcode. And ‘strategic’? Absolutely we are, but we don’t get there by dragging you into a cesspool of nonsense.

You know when you’re in a supermarket, faced with shelves of choices. Your brain is saying; “Find it! It’s there, if you look hard enough. The cheaper and better option.”

Congratulations. Your search is done. Welcome to Syon. How your agency should look.

(And if you’ve been counting, that’s 6 times we’ve used “agency”. (7 now!) That’s probably how you found us.”)

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